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Indian Jhazira Takes A Throat Pounding

Friday, September 30th, 2016

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Jhazira is one of the first Indians they managed to get onto Facial Abuse but she was worth the wait. She was stripped and her extreme sex session started with an easy deepthroat but that was to just break her in gently. As usual this didn’t last long and pretty soon she is gagging on cock.

When she tries to back away her head is held and she is face fucked hard till she pukes then the guys smear it onto her face. She is made to suck balls and they put her into different positions so they can shove their cocks further down her neck.

She is ass fucked then as they take it in turns seeing who can make her squeal the loudest.She was in agony by the time they let her up then she was made to sit down as they all shot their loads over her face. She was then spoon fed the cum and made to swallow. You can find Khazira over at Facial Abuse along with other women gagging on cock.

karina Takes A Balls Deep Throat Pounding

Wednesday, September 14th, 2016

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karina walked into this scene knowing all about it and thinking she could take anything and told the guys to do what they wanted to her. She had done extreme sex shoots before and some deepthroat so thought this would be easy but the difference between deepthroat and throat gagging is quite big.

She started off well, cock down her neck till it was balls deep with no problems but then they started thrusting, fucking her throat hard until she was choking on cock and then it got worse. They tried to force two cocks in her mouth as far as they could and that’s when she started throwing up.

She tried hard though so they let her off and instead took turns fucking her ass before giving her some good double penetration even when she tried to say no, the fact is she had told them to do anything they wanted. After that she pouted a bit and sat still for them to leave her with four loads of cum on her face. See the lovely Karina get all her holes abused over at Facial Abuse.

Ellis Takes A Balls Deep Throat Pounding

Friday, September 2nd, 2016

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Ellis caught her boyfriend cheating and decided her best way to pay him back was to do a porno and make him watch it. She went to the wrong people as she took a lot more than she was ready for. She sucked cock well and was happy to suck balls but when the hard stuff started she threw up everywhere.

They showed her what they meant by extreme sex as she started the throat gagging blowjobs that they wanted. She filled a dogs bowl that they provided and afterward tipped it’s contents back onto her. They opened her mouth wide as they poured the bowl over her which isn’t a nice sight.

After almost throwing up again they started to fuck her pussy hard as a way of saying well done. She rode cock for a while until they were ready then sat down as they covered her in cum to go back to her boyfriend with a video to show him. We found out later it turned him on more than anything else so her plan backfired. You can see her at Facial Abuse along with other throat fucked whores.

Maya Takes A Really Rough Throat Pounding Balls Deep

Sunday, August 21st, 2016
Balls Deep

Balls Deep

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For such a petite girl Mayas holes seem pretty much infinite in size. She took a good throat pounding, her throat getting a gangbang of cock at full speed. After that she happily lifts her ass in the air and lets the guys do what they want to it. At first the only sign she gives of pain is sucking her thumb until one really deep thrust made her yelp like a pup. To make sure she’d learnt her lesson she then gets double penetration with his cock still all the way in her ass before getting two loads of come splattered on her.

Judi Harts Double Penetration And Throat Pounding

Saturday, August 13th, 2016
Double Penetration

Double Penetration

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When Judi Hart went to Facial Abuse complaining that her boyfriend wasn’t fulfilling her need for some extreme sex the guys were only to happy to help. She was throat fucked so deep their balls were resting on her chin and her pussy and ass took it just as bad. They double penetrated her so hard I’m surprised she could sit down for them to leave her squinting through all the come on her face.